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Get professional disinfection service in Malaysia to keep your home and business place safe and free from harmful viruses and bacteria!

  • Well-trained & certified disinfection team
  • 99.9% Effective preventive disinfection & sanitation solutions
  • Use of hospital-grade & eco-friendly sanitation products
  • Scientifically-approved approach towards sanitation
  • Competitive service rates and packages

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House Disinfection Services


Office Disinfection Services

At Disinfection King, we strive to make every home, office, or any space in Malaysia sanitized and free from deadly bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The range of our disinfection services Malaysia include preemptive procedures that aim to prevent potential transmissions and deep disinfection for confirmed Covid-19 presence in certain premises.

Our team of sanitization and disinfection experts stands ready to provide a range of services necessary at keeping your area spot-free and safe from Covid-19 as well as other kinds of potential viral transmissions.

At Disinfection King, we provide the following disinfection services Malaysia:

  • Preemptive disinfection and sanitization
  • Deep disinfection for confirmed viral presence
  • Indoor and outdoor disinfection and decontamination
  • Misting and fogging technologies
  • Surface wiping and cleaning

Timely and Professional Disinfection Services Malaysia

In the time of coronavirus pandemic and beyond, booking for a disinfection service at Disinfection King is as easy as sending us a message or calling our numbers. We’ll make sure to respond within 24 hours or as promptly as we can.

Nevertheless, Covid-19 and other viruses cannot be prevented through disinfection efforts alone. Vulnerable family members and employees in shared work spaces still must abide by the health SOP mandated by the government and relevant agencies.

Regular and professional disinfection services Malaysia, however, can keep transmission down to zero or at least to a minimum.

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By sending us a message at Disinfection King, we can better assess the kind of services required by your premises. Whether it’s for preventive purposes or for an actual and urgent Covid-19 disinfection procedure, our disinfection services Malaysia are up and ready on any day.

The effects of proper and timely Covid-19 disinfection efforts can last for weeks. By sparing a few hours for regular disinfection services Malaysia, you can secure the safe and clean spaces of your home and business.

Rely on a team of disinfection experts at Disinfection King. A virus-free family home or work space in Malaysia is a priority in these challenging times. At Disinfection King, we can help.

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